Father’s Day with a twist

Sharon Mathala

Internationally, Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday June 19.

Back home, however, ‘Say Say’ entertainment plan to mark the celebrations with a premature twist at an event called ‘Dad’s brunch club’.

Set for 18 June, the gig will take place at the Pilediwa gateway, as men get their day in the sun.

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Speaking to Voice Entertainment, event organiser, Sadie Swartz revealed they are busy putting the final touches to their inaugural show.

Father’s Day with a twist

“The idea behind this event was birthed from the fact that as a mother myself I know that there is a lot of emphasis on Mother’s Day and we females are always spoilt with all sorts of activities to celebrate, but when it comes to fathers little effort is made. We saw this as an opportunity to create a yearly event around this day to celebrate fatherhood,” she explained.

The afternoon will be filled with a plethora of activities, directed at fathers as well as children.

“We hope to bring an environment where we celebrate fathers but also cater for their children. With a ticket, the father will have access to a car wash, hair cut from legendary Legends Barbers, a bottle of the finest whiskies available on the day, health checks as well as the kiddie’s area where the children will play whilst the fathers get to meet their boys,” she emphasised.

Entertainment on the day will come from DJ Shaft, DJ Kellz, Housejunkies, and Shimboy.

Tickets for the event are on sale at P2, 500.

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