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Family feud

Francinah Baaitse
THREATENING: Phemelo Timpa

Grandma reports wayward grandson over insults

A 34-year-old man from Boseja ward in Maun faced common nuisance charges before the Maun customary court on Wednesday morning, following allegations of threatening to harm some of his extended family members during a dispute over food.

Phemelo Timpa is accused of committing the offense on December 23rd, after returning home in the morning and demanding food from his aunt and elderly grandmother.

According to the grandmother, Oaitse Timpa, Phemelo entered her bedroom that morning and demanded food. His aunt directed him to the leftover food in the pots, instructing him to serve himself.

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In response, Phemelo threatened to throw the food outside rather than serve himself, displaying signs of anger.

During the altercation, Phemelo expressed grievances about not receiving his share of ‘Tsabana’ porridge and sorghum in the past.

Despite attempts by his mother, Neelo Timpa, to calm him down, Phemelo continued causing disturbance in the house.

Later in the day, upon his return at 10:00hrs when his mother was away, he resumed shouting and threatened to beat his aunt, referring to her as a witch.

The situation escalated when Phemelo claimed he would follow in the footsteps of his uncle Shoroka, who had previously killed two people before taking his own life.

Concerned for their safety, the grandmother reported the matter to the police, fearing Phemelo might carry out the threat to harm them.

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Phemelo, while denying the threat to kill, admitted using the term ‘Ga-Mmapereko’ to insult his grandmother.

He argued that he used it as a question when his aunt asked him to serve himself, claiming it was not a statement but an inquiry.

The police were yet to call another witness, and Phemelo is set to make his statement.

The continuation of the matter is scheduled for January 15th, 2024.

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