Exposed by their naked pics

Gofaone Koogotsitse
BUSTED: The lovers in bed

Loved-up marriage wrecker fined P20, 000

Saucy pictures of her exposed breast as she lay half-naked in bed with another woman’s husband proved the final nail in the marriage wrecking case against Baitshepi Sentsima.

Although the 35-year-old insisted she had no idea her lover was married, Mogoditshane Customary Court found her guilty of ruining Twice Natal’s marriage.

Telling court Sentsima has been living with her husband, Natal Maemo Natal, 47, for almost a year, Twice said she caught the couple red-handed back in August.

“She has taken my husband and they are staying together in a rented house in Mogoditshane. She even rudely comes to my place with him. I reported to my in-laws and they called my husband. He confessed that indeed he is in love with Sentsima. I confronted her several times and she kept on promising to end the relationship but failed to do so.”

The scorned wife then produced damning evidence to prove her case.

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An explicit ‘selfie’ of the lovers kissing passionately in bed, both bare-chested, their eyes closed in blissful pleasure, was difficult for the accused to argue with.

Indeed, Sentsima, of Ditshegwane village, did not try to deny the affair.

Instead, she admitted to being in love with Natal, claiming he told her Twice was just a jealous former girlfriend.

“I met Mr Natal in February 2019. He was looking for a girlfriend and, as a woman without a boyfriend, I fell in love with him. He told me he has three children with a lady called Magi from Maunatlala and was staying with them in Tsolamosese ward.


“He is unemployed, disabled and needs crutches to walk but I don’t care, I love him!” she maintained boldly, her eyes blazing defiantly as she testified before the traditional court.

The court further heard that whenever Natal’s children did not have money for transport to school, he would ask Sentsima for assistance and she happily gave him cash.

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According to Sentsima, she received a call from Twice back in December 2019 warning her to stay away from Natal.

The curvy woman also quoted insulting text messages she claimed Twice had sent her.

“I once received a message saying ‘ o tla nnye** wena o moson* o iphitlhe fela jalo tlhe mma, tsatsi leno ke batla police etla, its either go swa nna kapa wena, your vagina, keep on hiding. Today I want the police to come, its either you die or I die.”

IN LOVE: Baitshepi Sentsima

Another message read, “You bitch. You inherited it from your mother, you stupid people who like taking other people’s husbands. I cannot take you to traditional doctors. I will only use my hands to deal with you. I am going to spend the night in that yard so call the police and tell them that I broke into your house!”

Sentsima explained that although she felt threatened, she never reported the insults because Natal persuaded her not too.

“He told me to ignore them and that she was not his wife but in fact a jealous ex who dumped him after he lost his job!”

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The dispute eventually landed before the police after Twice allegedly smashed the windows of her love rival’s rented house.

Unwittingly sealing her daughter’s fate, Ommone Sentsima told court her daughter was indeed Natal’s girlfriend.

Wrapped in a shawl as if attending a funeral, Ommone revealed Sentsima once told her another woman broke into her house claiming to be Natal’s wife.

Presiding over the case, Chief Tswina Mochudi gently rebuked the old lady for not correcting her daughter after learning she was wrecking someone’s marriage.

GIVING EVIDENCE: Ommone Sentsima

The Chief reasoned that as they both shared the same surname, it should have been obvious they were married.

Twice had initially demanded P85, 000 or 20 cows from Sentsima for ruining her marriage. She later relented and agreed to a P20, 000 or eight cows.

However, her ‘generosity’ stopped there and she flatly refused to entertain Sentsima’s request for forgiveness.

The marriage wrecker, who passionately maintained her innocence, had asked court to seek forgiveness on her behalf, noting she would struggle to pay the fine as she recently lost her job due to illness.

She was given until the end of January to pay the charges. The love-struck woman will at least have Natal’s help to fork out the fine as the aging lothario has separated from his wife and, despite his earlier deceit, is still with Sentsima.

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