Dead body found on Nata roadside

ON THE ROAD: Nata signpost

Nata police are investigating a case in which a 36-year-old Manxotai man’s body was found along Xarikachoo road on Monday morning.

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The still fresh corpse was discovered on the roadside at Xarikachoo, a cattlepost between Manxotai and Sepako villages.

Nata Station Commander, Vincent Pitseetsile confirmed they are following up on the incident.

“We received the report around 0745 hours from a passer-by that there is someone lying in an uncomfortable manner along the road. Our police officers immediately attended the scene where they found the man’s body in a pool of blood with visible injuries on the head.”

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The top cop told The Voice the man was immediately taken to Nata clinic where he was certified dead.

“We do not know whether he was involved in a fight or he fell from a car. We are still investigating, we do not know what could have transpired,” admitted the police boss, adding the deceased’s close relatives have been notified.

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Staying in the town, on Wednesday morning at around 4 o’clock, a bus carrying passengers from Gaborone to Kasane hit a donkey five kilometres out of Nata.

Pitseetsile closed by stating that no one was injured and advised people to drive carefully to avoid accidents.

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