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Dawn of a new era

BPOMAS CEO: Molebatsi

A lifeline and a custodian of the well being of Batswana in private health care space, Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) has embarked on a major shift that marks a new era for the organisation.

After 27 years, BPOMAS recently underwent a change in administration ushering in Health Risk Management Botswana (HRMB).

Though significant, the change in administration is not a one-time occurrence, a procurement process will take place at the end of each contract term, paving way for a new administrator and if the current does not emerge as the successful bidder.

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In an interview with BPOMAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thulaganyo Molebatsi he explained that as BPOMAS joins hands with HRMB, the commitment to member-centric healthcare solutions remains steadfast, setting the stage for continued innovation and responsiveness to the evolving needs of the clients.

Molebatsi said that while this monumental change is met with challenges, from stakeholders for various reasons for resistance, the leadership maintains that the rule review and the procurement process are separate entities.

“It is worth noting that the rules review and the procurement process are two separate processes, and one does not depend on the other to happen, as already alluded to, procurement process is followed at the end of a contract and rules are reviewed on an annual basis,” said Molebatsi.

According to the CEO, the procurement process which include the selection of HRMB, adhered to the existing rules, with the subsequent rule amendment approved after the completion of the tendering process.

“The rule being referred to did not affect anything in relation to the procurement process for administration services. The procurement process was carried out under the old Rule and the new rule was approved way after the tendering process was completed. In any event, while the new administrator was never disqualified under the old rule; the Scheme would never change rules specifically to make it possible for any bidder to qualify,” concluded Molebatsi.

Established in 1990, BPOMAS has more than 87 00 principals clients close to 200 000 lives covered and has been a key player in providing medical aid cover to its members, offering comprehensive support from birth to the unfortunate event of death, where funeral cover is provided.

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