Chillin Out Friday September 15, 2023

Nasty C's pinky


We’re halfway through Spring, aka outdoor events season, and it’s time to bring out the camp chairs and cooler boxes for some much needed chilling sessions with the gents.

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But what do you do when your bundle of joy is still suffering from winter’s attachment issues, or the nanny gets a ‘sudden emergency’?

Throw their milk carton inside the cooler box, and bring them along!

At least that seems to have been this particular gentleman’s solution, desperate not to miss out on some down time with the boys!

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One thing about sin city, ‘there’s a lot going on’ and when you see some shocking stuff, pick your jaw up and be on your way!

At 3am over the weekend, this lady was spotted rocking nothing but a white towel in a parking lot.

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Chillin Out Friday September 15, 2023
HANGING OUT: Towel lady at Game City Parkade

She was chatting away happily on her phone, completely unbothered about the late hour or her lack of clothes, which suggests she was waiting for someone there.

This makes Shaya wonder if Game City is the new hotspot for ‘the famous trade’?

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A wise man once said that in Gabs, your looks don’t matter, as long as you have fat pockets!

Although Batswana ladies have made it crystal clear just how off-putting they find the long pinky nail that some men grow, on his recent visit to BW, Nasty C made the same nasty mistake yet our girls haven’t uttered a word in protest.

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I guess that’s one of the perks of being a big star, everything you do is charming – it’s a thumbs down and a nasty no from Shaya tho!


Shaya is seriously concerned about the lack of progress at Mahalapye Bus Station, which has been under construction for nearly three years now.

It’s a real mess and no one seems to know what the problem or delay is.

Buses are compelled to drop passengers off and make layovers on the route, which is similarly narrow and causes traffic congestion.

Chillin Out Friday September 15, 2023
SLOW PROGRESS: Mahalapye Bus Station

With the rainy season fast approaching, the station’s notorious drainage system is gonna make matter ten times worse!

Anyway, who am I to pass judgment?

Shaya’s learned friends tell me there’s a saying that goes, ‘good things take time’, so buckle up Mahalapyians, the wait appears to be far from over!


It appears retired radio personality turned businesswoman, Khumo Kgwaadira has scored an endorsement deal with a big beverages brand.

While congrats are in order, MissGeeKays scored quite the own goal recently – as a football lover, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the reference!

Chillin Out Friday September 15, 2023

Instead of taking it to her food joint Kana Kgang, she posed with the drink at another food establishment, which will surely get business from her posts.

Talk about giving the competition a helping hand! Perhaps it’s time our influencers received a lesson or two on the basics of social media marketing…someone pass William Last KRM’s dials!

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