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Gogontlejang Phaladi

Phaladi taken

The brains behind Gogontlejang Phaladi pillar of Hope Organisation (GPPHO), a nongovernmental organisation, Gogontlejang Phaladi is taken.

Phaladi shared the pictures of her big day on social media recently much to the delight of many of her followers.

Phaladi rose to fame at a tender age through her compassionate and philanthropic ways of transforming lives and giving things to the needy.

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Shaya is very angry for having been snubbed but I wish you all the best in your new journey.

Whose panties are they?

Word reaching Yours Truly has it that a popular traditional doctor in the North east is claiming to have slept with a lot of women who come to his place looking for his good luck charms.

Apparently hundreds of single women looking to settle down visit this old man’s shrine for spiritual intervention.

However the lustful bone thrower has apparently confessed to his chibuku drinking buddies that he has found an easy way to bed gullible women.

Shaya learnt that the man asks women to bring pictures of their potential husbands, which he then wrap up with the woman’s panties.

He’ll then smear his allegedly huge member with an ointment before inserting it into his clients’ womanhood.

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His clients are then ordered not to bath until they have sex with their partners.

Gentlemen your photos are wrapped in your girlfriends panties somewhere in north east.

What a mess!

Chillin' out
Vee\’s dancer

Fighting over Vee’s dancer

Shaya was amongst the multitudes that partied the night away in Selibe- Phikwe over the weekend.

But what nearly spoiled the night was a fight between a Stage Manager and Vee’s Bouncer during an After Party event.

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We all know how Vee’s dancers like pulling stunts and dancing on whatever they see safe enough for them to mount.

Instead of fighting and wanting to restrain performers, Shaya is advising that there be a pre-talk before every show so that all ground rules are observed.

That was a total embarrassment.

Chillin' out
Pono Moatlhodi

Things they say

O didimale wena, le dirwa ke go thankgola ngwana wa ga nkgonne.

By the way Mr Chairperson, our system has been inherited from the West Minster style- Deputy Speaker, Pono Moathodi

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