Celeb edition with Skinny Boi

Daniel Chida

One of the most consistent Hip-hop and Afro artist to come out of Kachikau in the Chobe District is Skinny Boi.

Having landed in the entertainment buzz in 2014, Skinny Boi has expanded his brand from music to events planning and photography.

What did you learn from Covid 19 pandemic?

Covid taught me to save money so I can still sustain myself even during the toughest times.

It was tough especially during lockdown.

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How did it affect you?

There were no events which means we had no income at all.

How is the music industry doing in Chobe?

The music industry in Chobe is good, although there are not that many events held here.

The population this side is small, if there are two events it means one has to run at cost.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Having a track with artists from the United State of America, U – Turn from Miami and Lil Riddle from Florida.

The aim is to also one day join them and have a tour there. I also have my own clothing brand, VG, Boat cruise business and I host the Kasane Annual Bikini Pool Party.

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Celeb edition

You are always flanked by women in your photos are you are ladies man?

No I’m not a ladies’ man it is just a vibe so as you know ladies love guys with vibes and funny, I fit that character.

Where do you want to see yourself in future?

I want to see artists in the Chobe region getting recognised all over the country, we have been limited here for too long.

What is your favourite hang out place?

Heroes Garden at Plateau in Kasane is always the best place to chill, it has good vibes and you get refreshed there.

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Which is the best place to ever perform at?

Zambia was my best ever performance sharaout to my Zambian people

You never perform in the city why?

I am still building my house at home and once I am done I will be heading straight to the city.

I want to market Kasane.

Five things people don’t know about you

1. I want everyone to win

2. I don’t drink alcohol

3. I will die for local talent

4. I love my family more than anything

5. I am in a steady relationship, I am in love

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