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Celeb edition with DJ Khenzo

Daniel Chida
DJ Khenzo

With more than 20 years of experience under her belt, DJ, Khenzo has become one of the most respected DJs in the country.

A very talented artist from Molepolole,a Graphic Designer by profession, born and raised in Gaborone, he DJ Kenzo has earned himself a tittle of legend in the entertainment industry and rightly so too.

Which genre of music do you play?

Many know me as Hip hop DJ but I am an open format DJ, full of surprises in my sets.

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I can throw a Charma Gal or a Gospel song in the middle of my set.

Which one can you single out as your biggest event to have played at?

There are a couple of them, but Pop Bottles Botswana, when I was told that I will be playing after the late Ricky Rick (MHSRIP), looking at what Ricky was doing on stage I was really scared but I killed it too.

Growing up who was your role model?

I have a couple, Skizo, DJ Sid and DJ Dolphus

A legend like you, how do you give back to the community?

We have a Social Club, United Artists which we formed to help give back to the community.

Personally I give a lot of advice to young and upcoming artists, I help wherever I can as DJ Khenzo.

Apart from being a DJ, what else do you do?

I am a Graphic designer by profession; I am also the Chairman of United Artists SC.

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Celeb edition

Your favourite venue to play at?

I enjoy playing at different places,I feel my style of Djing is unique and I want a lot of people to see it and experience it.

Apart from gigs how do you pass time?

I love cooking, also love spending time with the family or with friends.

Night or day?


Have you ever played to a seated crowd, not moving at all?

I enjoy playing opening sets usually the crowd is seated but they don’t get seated for long.

Do you play your own prepared set or you play according to what the crowd want?

It’s usually a bit of both

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5 things people don’t know about you

1. I pray every time I drive to events

2. I Pray even before my set

3. I wanted to be a standup comedian, hahaha

4. I play soccer, position Right Back, yep

5. I listen to a lot of different genres, I play boMatsieng, Machesa, Gospel and Deep house and R&B when driving to events

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