Caught napping

Gofaone Koogotsitse
Molepolole Police

Man steals AK47 and ammunition from Police armory

Police in Molepole were caught napping when a man broke into their armory and stole an AK47 rifle and ammunition on Wednesday night around 10pm.

Using a pick axe, a spade, claw hammer and a screw driver, the thief unhinged the burglar door, gained access to the armory and made away with the weapon and bullets undetected.

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The Voice has been reliably informed that the man’s luck however ran out when he was confronted by three men who were on their way home from a local bar.

He was carrying three bags, including a rifle pouch.

The trio who found the man’s luggage a bit suspicious stopped him, and upon being questioned, he allegedly told them that he was going to deliver the riffle at a friend’s house.

According to a reliable source, when they searched his bags they found two screw drivers, a claw hammer, pliers and two loaded AK47 magazines.

Realizing that he had been caught red handed the man reportedly bolted and disappeared into the night, leaving the bemused trio with the stolen items.

They then immediately alerted the police, who arrived and ceased the items

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Still unaware of the security breach, the on duty officers took the rifle and ammunition to the armory, only to find it wide open with the burglar door damaged.

The Voice Online further learnt that the suspect had also left a pick axe and a spade at the scene of crime.

In a brief interview with The Voice Online BPS Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube said they’re on an intensive manhunt for the suspect or suspects.

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