Bring my seed and leave my church- Prophet

Gofaone Koogotsitse

Prophet Israel Ntseme of Psalms 51 Worldwide Ministries, also known as the Prophet Israel Ntseme Ministries located in BBS, is threatening legal action against some church members for leaking a controversial audio clip.

In the audio, the 45-year-old prophet criticizes members and threatens to dismiss them for failing to contribute ‘seed money’ and sponsor his child’s education at a reputable school.

The controversy began two weeks ago when members were asked to contribute funds for Prophet Israel’s birthday celebration scheduled for September.

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A Whatsapp group was created for communication, and members proposed contributing P300 each for the event.

However, after suggesting this amount, they received feedback that the prophet wanted P500 from each member, leading to his furious response, which he recorded and posted in the Whatsapp group.

Expressing disappointment, a church member stated, “One of the brethren told us that our prophet is classy and that we needed to plan a big event where we hire some decorations. After the prophet was told of our suggestions for contributions, we received feedback that he instead wanted us to contribute P500 each. That’s when he became furious and recorded the audio and posted it on the Whatsapp group.”

In response to the circulating audio clip, Prophet Israel expressed concerns about wealthy individuals wanting to lead prophets in churches merely because of their financial resources.

He stated, “The voice note seems harder and harsh, but the body of Christ is suffering because of rich people. I want to rescue oppressed prophets,” and extended apologies to other prophets and his mentors.

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