Boy, 14 survives bee attack at Orange FA cup match

Christinah Motlhabane
RECUPERATING: Tshenolo Masala

BFA, Orange FA CUp officials came to check on him- mother

A 14-year -old Calendar Stars Football team fan is recovering at his parents’ home in Francistown after he survived an attack by angry bees on Sunday.

Tshenolo Masala was stung by a colony of bees multiple times at a Calender Stars Vs. Jwaneng Fighters Orange FA Cup match in Francistown.

The match was briefly stopped when thousands of bees invaded the pitch causing a moment of nervousness and confusion.

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Some of the players and spectators had to lie down while some ran for their lives with their heads covered with plastics and t-shirts while angry bees buzzed at them in hot pursuit.

Narrating his ordeal, Masala said, “I was standing by the fence with my friends asking for t-shirts from Orange when suddenly we saw a swam of bees approaching.

“They made their way onto the pitch while we fled to the stand. But then I remembered that I left my shoes and went back to get them. That’s when they got me and when I tried to flee they chased me and stung me until I did not know what to do anymore,” he said

He further told of how he heard frantic people shouting different instructions at him.

“Some were telling me to stay away from them while others were telling me roll down. Eventually someone threw a t-shirt on my head and I started rolling on the ground. After that, paramedics came to my help putting a drip on me and giving me an injection that put me to sleep,” he said.

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Speaking from his bed at home, the young lad said he was mending and on his way to full recovery.

“I can safely say I am much better today even though I have a painful leg, my body feels heavy and I have a headache,” said Masala with visibly swollen eyes.

The boy’s mother, 36 –year-old Madinonyane Masala said she was happy that her son was recovering well.

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RELIEVED: Tshenolo’s granny, Kebatsaletse Masala

“On Sunday a child came to tell me that he saw my son on television attacked by bees. When my boy arrived he slept and the following morning he had swollen eyes.”

“On Monday people from Botswana Football Association (BFA) and Orange FA Cup officials came to check on him. They even took him to a private clinic. I am happy for their help and thankful that my son survived,” she said.

Calendar Stars goalkeeper Nsala Mosinyi said the bees started behind the goal post that he was manning.

“They unleashed themselves on fans on the stands, compelling some to run for safety. After the boy got an injection I nearly panicked because he was not moving. I feared the worst but I am so glad and relieved that my boy survived,” said the goalkeeper.

The bees stormed the pitch just five minutes before the game finished and caused panic for 20- to 30 minutes in a game that was won by Calendar Stars 2 goals to 1.

Apparently that was not the first bee attack at that stadium. They once attacked years back when Jwaneng Galaxy played Sharps.

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