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Boy, 14, arrested for third rape


A teenage boy accused of raping two 8-year-old boys last month was this week back at Goodhope Police Station after he allegedly raped a third victim aged 5.

Goodhope police Station Commander, Superintendent Batshwari Gaobatlelwe confirmed that they have opened the rape case which is still under investigation.

“Since we are handling the case for minor children, we shall forward the matter to Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for assessment of evidence and they are the ones to assist if the matter should be taken before court or not,” explained the police boss, further confirming that they recently registered a similar case involving the same suspect.

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It is alleged that the victim’s mother had left him playing with friends while going to the shops.

While the youngsters were still playing the elder boy allegedly arrived and chased away the little boy’s friends before he took him to the bush where he forcefully had anal sex with him.

It was later after the mother returned from the shops and the son narrated his ordeal to her that she took him to the social welfare officer who advised that the matter be reported to the police.

In an interview with The Voice, Superintendent Gaobatlelwe said as it was evident that there are such cases implicating children, there is a serious need to arrange for forums that will better assist to rehabilitate them at an early stage.

Last month the teenage boy reportedly raped two boys at Central ward in Goodhope while they were walking home from school.

The boys who are neighbours, both aged eight and doing Standard 3 and 4 respectively were said to have met the suspect- known to them, who then asked them to accompany him to the pond.

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Upon arrival at the pond, the suspect who is a Form 1 student, told the younger boys to undress before he raped them one after the other.

It was after he released them that one of the boys reported the ordeal to his mother after he arrived home and the woman reported the incident to the police.

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