Botch job leaves man penis-less

Daniel Chida
IN TROUBLE: Princes Marina Hospital

*Suing Marina for P7m for cutting off his penis

For the last three years, a man from Tsamaya has been living without a penis.

The 56-year-old’s manhood was reportedly cut clean off during a botched operation at Princess Marina Hospital on 8 November 2017.

The man, who has since filed a P7 million lawsuit against the hospital, was meant to be having surgery to remove his left testicle. He would leave with a tiny stump for his penis, a urine bag to pee in and his life in tatters.

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Information currently before the Gaborone High Court filed by Manyepedza Attorneys shows that in September 2017, the patient submitted for a testicular operation after experiencing discomfort and swelling in his left testicle.

“On or about 21 September 2017 the plaintiff attended at Tsamaya Primary Clinic suffering with pain and general discomfort arising out of a swelling in his left testicle. Despite the condition complained of, which was only confined to the testicles, and only the left one, the plaintiff was generally functional. He lived a normal life (with all his bodily organs intact), had a wife and children,” reads part of the filing affidavit.

The man was eventually referred to Princesses Marina Hospital in Gaborone for further examination. A diagnosis was made and a procedure advised.

“It was recommended that the left testicle be operated on and removed and there was no other ailment or condition observed and or communicated,” reads his court submission.

However, instead of removing the identified testicle, the doctor, who has since left the hospital, is said to have sliced off the plaintiff’s penis, before stitching up and dressing the wound.

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“No information or laboratory results have been availed on the removed organ at least to the plaintiff. The connection between the procedure performed, being the removal of his penis and what was supposed to be done, has not been explained. The patient only woke up to find that the doctor had inexplicably cut off his penis (a partial penectomy) and had not attended to the testicle.”

The court papers further note that the hospital acknowledged the incident and provided the patient with ‘a urine bag’ to assist with urination, a bag that he has to carry all the time.

“As a consequence of the disfigurement, the plaintiff is generally depressed and unable to enjoy his life. His relations with his wife have been diminished to almost non-existent as he can no longer enjoy or indulge in any sexual activity and consequently feels inadequate and emasculated, and his confidence is at its lowest since the unfortunate incident.”

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The man is demanding P7 million in damages, broken down into P3 million for unwarranted pain and resultant suffering. He wants a further P3 million for permanent disability, depression, loss of earning capacity, loss of self-esteem and loss of enjoyment of the amenities of life.

“The man cannot enjoy all the things that are possible with a functional penis (because) his was recklessly removed for no reason.”

According his affidavit, he wants an additional P1 million for future medical attention and related costs.

Unfortunately, efforts to get a comment from the Ministry or Princess Marina Hospital failed as their phones rang unanswered.