No sympathy for bitter politicians

Sinqobile Tessa
BACK IN THE DAYS: President Mnangagwa(middle) with Kasukwere(left) and Prof Moyo

Politicians never cease to amaze.

When they wine and dine as the ruling elite, nothing and nobody else matters. But the moment they are kicked out for one reason or the other, they start to recognise the very same people they so neglected.

As one Twitter user aptly put it, former senior members of Zanu PF only talk sense when they are no longer on the feeding trough.

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This was in reference to erstwhile Zanu PF kingpin and cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who now wants or expects the masses to see him as a victim of the current regime.

During his heydays, before he was forced into exile when the late former President Robert Mugabe was booted out, Kasukuwere was untouchable.

He had the power, he had the money and lived like a king. Indeed, he reportedly owned a 50-roomed house in one of the Harare’s up market suburbs!

And he had no reason to engage with the people. In fact the once feared politician was known to be cruel and ruthless especially when dealing with political opponents.

Fast forward to the present moment, Kasukuwere is now preaching peace and love.

In his Tweet, which drew a barrage of criticism and insults, he says, “We have to drop this tide of cruelty and hatred of each other and pick up love for one another. Our nation faces serious challenges including hunger yet we quarrel endlessly. We face an uncertain future if we remain obstinate and unwilling to listen to the people.”

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His message does not end there as he goes on to say, “It is not hatred of each other that will take our country out of this challenge, but a need to collectively confront the elephant in the room.”

By the way, Kasukuwere’s tweet comes in the wake of the regime’s decision to repossess his farm in the Mashonaland Central province.

He is, however not the only one set to lose his farm. All Mugabe’s allies will soon be landless as those in power have decided they are no longer worthy of those farms, after all they got them when they were still counted amongst the who is who of Zanu PF.

Anyway, Kasukuwere must have regretted posting the Tweet because instead of getting sympathy, people were quick to tell him to ‘sit down’ as he was bitter that he no longer had his hands in the cookie jar.

Twitter user, Viva Wiwa Viva summed it up perfectly when he wrote, “You preach now because you need us. When we needed you, you battered us and murdered our brothers and sisters. You scoffed at us and made us your subjects Mr Snake, we will not forget what you did to us.”

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Kasukuwere was not the only one to be told the bitter truth.

Former cabinet minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo, who is also in exile, was told to go hang when he reminded people that his father was killed during the Gukurahandi era when more than 20, 000 people were massacred in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces in the early 80s at the instigation of Mugabe and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He now sees the cruelty of these men especially the latter. Yet for so many years he gladly served both in the party and government!

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