Bloody bin bags implicate mum in abortion

Sharon Mathala
ACCUSED: Leshona


“Ga ke walker ke e tsentse mo plasetekeng mo Main Mall, ke ha ke tshogile madi a tshologa, batho ba ipotsa gore sebete same se dira jang (I panicked when blood was dripping from the plastic bags as I walked through the Main Mall, people were wondering if I had liver or what!).”

These are the chilling words mother-of-three Rose Leshona allegedly uttered to a friend.

Recorded on a voice note leaked to The Voice, the 36-year-old is not talking about meat she bought from the shop.

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Instead, it is believed Leshona’s ‘blood dripping’ plastic bags contained the six-month-old foetus she had just aborted.

It is alleged that on the afternoon of Thursday 16 January, CCTV captured Leshona dumping the bags in one of the waste bins at Main Mall in Gaborone.

The Voice has been informed that Leshona had earlier booked into a nearby lodge where she allegedly aborted her unborn child.

It is said she then wrapped the bloody foetus in three plastic bags before leaving for Main Mall to dispose of the body.

According to a police source close to the investigation, Leshona then met up with a female friend and went out drinking.

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“During the evening she was constantly changing her pads, telling those with her that she was experiencing heavy flow of her menstrual cycle. She was with her friends the entire time not telling them what she had done,” claimed the source.

Police eventually tracked down Leshona by tracing the number plate of the cab that picked her up from Main Mall.

She was brought in for questioning last Monday and underwent a DNA test to check of she is related to the aborted child. Police are still waiting on the results.

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Speaking to The Voice this week, Police spokesperson Near Bagali confirmed a woman has been charged but is yet to appear before court thus he could not reveal her identity.

“I can confirm that we have case in which a foetus was recovered in the Main Mall area. The Police then instituted investigations into the matter and have since arrested and questioned a 36-year-old woman in connection with the matter.

“The suspect has not yet appeared before court but when she does, she will be charged with unlawful procurement of abortion,” revealed the top cop.

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