BDP members advised to protect party secrets

Daniel Chida
CHEERFUL: Mokgethi at a rally

Former Member of Parliament for Letlhakeng/Takatokwane, Ngaka Ngaka has pleaded with the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members to desist from internal bickering and washing their ‘dirty’ laundry in public

Speaking during the BDP’s Gaborone Region rally held at Moselewapula ward, Ngaka said that some party members have cultivated a very bad habit of leaking party secrets or fellow democrat’s personal stuff to the media.

“The tendency to leak party or fellow democrat’s paraphernalia to social and mainstream media should cease. Inner party democracy is a must, and we should continue exercising this to win the hearts of many Batswana, and for us to cement our weight come the 2024 general elections,” advised Ngaka Ngaka who is also a Member of the Central Committee.

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Speaking at the same rally Chairman of the Political Education and Elections Committee (PEEC), Alec Seametso said that the party is still on course as guided by its constitution and manifesto to guard and fight against inhumane acts and nuances of tribalism.

“The biggest detriment to any country is tribalism and I urge all of us Batswana to pour scorn on this malady, which some dissidents are trying to fuel within our midst. Because of the ideals of Domkrag, tribalism no longer exists, and we must be very proud of this realisation. It is against this backdrop that a Mokwena can marry a Mongwato, a Mongwaketsi can marry in Kgalagadi, a Mokgatla in Tswapong and vice versa,” added Seametso.

He called on Batswana to ignore bigots who are busy trying to fuel a tribal strife in the country, saying these are bitter people who are hellbent on sdestroying the country.

On other issues, Seametso said the BDP-led government is fast-tracking allocation of land and plots to Batswana as well as advancing other issues of development with the aim of bettering the lives of Batswana.

Another Speaker, Minister of Labour and Home Affairs who is also Member of Parliament (MP) for Gaborone Bonnington North and former staunch Botswna Congress Party cadre, Anna Mokgethi assured the gathered masses that there is “still no alternative” as the BDP is still growing in strength and numbers ahead of the 2024 General Elections, adding that efforts by opposition parties to unseat the ruling party remain futile.

Mokgethi said the BDP-led government continues to advance several initiatives, which puts Motswana first, such as the Citizenship Inclusion Law, Procurement Law, New CEDA Guidelines; deliverables which the party had promised the electorate in its 2019 Elections Manifesto.

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