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Bangwato kick off preparations for Khama’s return

Daniel Chida
  • Dikgosi decry govt’s divide and control tactics

Concerned elders from the Bangwato Royal house in Serowe have lambasted government for fuelling divisions within their tribe in an effort to divide and control.

Speaking at a press conference that was held at the house from which the Bangwato Acting Paramount Chief, Kgosi Sediegeng Kgamane was recently evicted by government, one of the uncles, Rasebolai Kgamane condemned the ill-treatment meted out by government on the regent and the tribe at large.

Rasebolai said that as a way of driving a wedge within the tribe, government was trying to replace Kgamane with a candidate of its choice without consideration of the tribe’s chieftainship lineage.

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“As you know we are already divided, some of the tribesmen are no longer with us as they have decided to take sides with the government that is already oppressing us,” lamented Rasebolai

He then cautioned Bangwato to be careful and to unite in order to have a strong voice against President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s government.

Articulating why he disliked Masisi’s administration, Rasebolai said that the President was using state organs to fight their Paramount Chief and former president Ian Khama by trumpeting false charges against him.

He appealed to Bangwato to attend tomorrow (Saturday 03rd)’s meeting in large numbers to discuss the welfare of Kgosikgolo, Ian Khama who is in self imposed exile in South Africa and also to start talks on who will replace the recently retired regent, Kgamane.

“Kgamane has shown his desire to step down from the seat and it is only the heir to the seat, Khama who can appoint the next person in line to act on his behalf,” said Rasebolai.

Bangwato kick off preparations for Khama’s return
UPSET: Rasebolai Kgamane

“All we can do is suggest names of people we want and and let our paramount chief to have the final say, not the government. Whoever government brings here without our approval will not enter that Kgotla, it is ours,” said the defiant Rasebolai.

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He dismissed newspaper reports that government was about to appoint Ian Khama’s cousin, Serogola Seretse as the regent.

“Kgamane resigned from their position and he wont be getting government salary but Ian Khama’s uncle, he cannot resign from being our regent, and it is only us and our paramount chief that can appoint a regent,” he insisted.

According to Rasebolai, the Saturday meeting will be a starting point to work on getting Khama to return from South Africa.

“We have been in touch with him and he is willing to come home but he wants an assurance that he will not be harassed, so we are going to discuss with Morafe before engaging government concerning the matter. Things are in a mess and we want him back,” said Rasebolai.

The divisions within Bangwato Royal house were evident as the normal faces such as Kgosi Phokontsi Seeletso, Forster Seretse and Ewetse Khama that usually address Kgotla meetings concerning tribal issues, especially Khama’s exile were not in attendance.

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