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Celeb edition with Sean Pink

Leungo Mokgwathi

“Majita iketleng pele, yo wa gompieno ke wame” – if you’re under 30 but aren’t familiar with these lines, you’ve either been living under a rock, or your TikTok is failing you.

‘Ke wame’, a song by red-hot newbie, Sean Pink, has been making massive waves across radio and social media, especially TikTok.

Expecting a big year from the young muso, Celeb Edition caught up with the talented Sean Pink…

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Who is Sean Pink?

Sean Pink is a loverman to the ladies and a musical being born and raised in Francistown.

I’ve had a passion for music since a young age, and I now have four years experience in the industry.

Love songs are my main criteria.

‘Ke wame’ catapulted your career to the next level – did you envision such a reaction?

Not to this huge audience, because before it was officially uploaded to TikTok, I was posting the audio on my statuses and [only] got limited applause.

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The TikTok audience had me in awe as it was a surprise because I was just having fun with the music.

It felt more like praise than applause.

Tell our readers about the team behind its production as well as the message it carries.

The idea came to mind like a lightbulb over my head.

I was with my friends and laid eyes on a couple of love birds walking down the street.

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I pictured myself in their situation, as if I was in love, and thought to myself, ‘what if I made a song for my partner if I was in a relationship’.

“Majita iketleng pele, yo wa gompieno ke wame” were the only two lines I had in mind before recording.

My producer had already sent me a beat and I thought this would be a catchy chorus for it.

I recorded and left it incomplete, decided it needed a verse, so I launched it out to various artists and only Shaba Stele managed to send back a verse.

I appreciate him so much, he’s like a brother to me.

As you may already know, he’s also my vocal mixing engineer and mastering engineer.

After all the process of recording and everything, I talked to the main man himself, Aprex Pixels (the videographer) to shoot a short clip of the song so we can put it out to the people.

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As you saw, I was wearing the biggest brand in Francistown and soon to be in the country (Trapalanga).

I just wanted to express my feelings about how it would be to be in love.

Love is a beautiful thing, and it should be celebrated regularly.

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Any special lady to whom the song was dedicated?

No, the whole idea was to make a song for a couple who are blindly in love and ready to make the next step: getting married.

You used social media, particularly TikTok, to push the track. How best can musicians use online platforms to grow their brands?

I’m encouraging artists to push on any platform and be consistent as much as they can, but make sure your quality is on point and your content is interesting to the audience, unique is the word I’m looking for.

Be unique.

Be yourself.

I believe these new social media platforms can help us grow as musicians in Botswana.

They are essential and the algorithm can favour you as a newbie.

You mentioned that you’ve been making music for four years now. Do you have other released projects?

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If you Google ‘Sean Pink’ you will find multiple projects, mostly Amapiano features and singles.

I haven’t dropped any compilation, EP or album.

But we will definitely work on it.

The focus is this new age sound.

So which genre do we associate you with?

The thing is I don’t limit myself; I make music that people can vibe to.

But right now we have created our own genre called Basekulu ‘the uncles’, a sound based entirely on love and marital hymns.

Any upcoming projects?

Yes quite a lot coming, not just songs, also videos and launches, shows, you name it.

‘Ke Wame’ official video shot by APREX PIXELS is dropping on the 14th of February.

And maybe in March or May, another single is dropping too.

Favourite local artist?

Han C, Mpho Sebina and William Last KRM.

Spirit animal?

Lion because I like being surrounded by people I trust and can rely on.

Five things people don’t know about you.

1. I love food
2. I don’t drink nor smoke
3. I’m a church boy – grew up in church and still go to church a lot
4. I enjoy content creation
5. I love swimming

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