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Sinqobile Tessa

A million lies A million lies


“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” I thought of this law of propaganda attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbles as...

From US$ to gold From US$ to gold


We always make history as a country, albeit usually for the wrong reasons. On Monday, Central Bank Governor, John Mangudya announced a host of...

No bread in the basket No bread in the basket


Our Reserve Bank Governor this week held an emergency meeting with an association of bakers to discuss bread issues. When a statement was issued...

Silly, brutal times upon us Silly, brutal times upon us

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The pre-election period in Zimbabwe is depressingly predictable. It is always marred with violence and the main political parties accusing each other of bloodshed....

New bae for VP New bae for VP

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Vice President (VP), Constatino Chiwenga has re-married and people are talking. Of course by virtue of him being the VP means that his love...

Clip-toe currency Clip-toe currency

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The cash for toe story could well pass for urban legend of the year. Videos of people showing off their top of the range...


We were counted on Sunday at the on-going 2022 national census and I must hasten to add that some questions left me either baffled,...


Which country exactly owns Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or Zambia? This old debate was rekindled on Tuesday and I must say I enjoyed the Twar...

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