ATI’s cry for help


Singing sensation ATI’s cryptic Facebook messages are starting to worry Shaya. It seems all is not well with the ‘KhiringKhorong’ star.

Although his music has brought the country much joy, it appears ATI remains a troubled soul.

Indeed his cry out for help is getting louder and louder.

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Whilst he has been posting regularly about God in the past few weeks, it is this post that caught Shaya’s attention.

“God has always been in me. My life has been smokes and mirrors.I am highly protected by God. It’s not my reasoning that resonates. But the aura of God. K2 stop making people think I’m crazy.”

Dear ATI, Shaya is here for you if you need someone to lend an ear.

I know I talk too much but I promise I won’t say nothing!

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