Celeb edition with Royal Pynk

Kabelo Dipholo
PRETTY IN PINK: But Masasa is much more than a pretty face

Her TikTok and Facebook videos are some of the most watched in the country, regularly attracting over 100,000 views.

While it helps that she’s incredibly easy on the eye, Serwalo Masasa aka Royal Pynk is much more than a pretty face.

Her clever use of English, Setswana and Seyeyi in her skits has made this Okavango belle one of the fastest rising entertainers in Botswana.

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A multi-talented artist of both the spoken word and singing, with a natural ability to make people laugh, this devout Adventist is coming for her crown.

Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

Serwalo Masasa is a 27-year-old singer songwriter, content creator, poet and aspiring presenter hailing from the Okavango region.

I’m a driven girl with dreams to attain massive growth in the entertainment industry.

What’s in the name Royal Pynk?

It’s my stage name.

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Royal comes from my actual name Serwalo, which means ‘crown’ in Setswana, whereas the Pynk is corrupted name of my favourite colour pink.

I put the two together and ended up with this befitting name.

Kindly take us back to your days as a young girl.

I was born and bred in a small village in the Okavango living with my mother and three sisters.

My childhood was beautiful as I was raised in a Christian family of Adventists.

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We spent most of our time in church, and whenever I had the time I played with my friends in the neighborhood.

Your Facebook and TikTok video clips have been receiving a lot of attention. What influences your content?

The inspiration behind my content is the day to day life of my people in the Okavango and their beautiful culture.

It’s to deliver that to masses and teach them about our way of life.

I’ve always strived to be the best version of myself and exploring my capabilities so I guess that’s also where my inspiration comes from.

Great. What best defines you: comedian or content creator?

I would say content creator.

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When did you start creating content?

I started creating content in August of 2021.

Content creation is all about likes and views on social media. What’s the highest you’ve ever attained?

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My highest would be 112.3k views on a TikTok video and 131.9k likes.

Wow impressive numbers! So is this your career or a part time thing?

It’s not necessarily a part time thing as I’m currently recording my musical project which will be promoted using this very platform.

Besides comedy what else do you do for a living?

I’m a musician.

Do you have anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

I’ve always wanted to work with Koolkat Motyiko which actually did happen last year.

I was the first person to be featured on his album titled ‘Sea bitsa bitsa’ which was launched on 16 December last year.

We worked on a track titled ‘A re ye go tshameka’ which is number 4 on the album.

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Who’s your local celebrity crush?

I do not have one.

Five things people don’t know about you?

I. I’m a firm believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ
2. I’m a singer
3. I’m a poet
4. I draw
5. I love acting and have a passion for film

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