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ASVG launch Africa day theme song competition

Portia Mlilo
Ntebogang Sebetlela

Africa Sports Ventures Group (ASVG) Media and Liaison Manager, Ntebogang Sebetlela has invited local artists to enter the competition for the Africa Day theme song.

Registration to enter the competition for the theme song will start on the 15th of February and auditions will be done across the continent.

The top five finalists will get an opportunity to perform during Africa Day celebrations on the 25th of May at the Africa Sports Awards in Liberia.

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The winning song will be a theme song for Africa Day and the winner will get a deal with the digital music company HITLAB based in London.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, Sebetlela said this will give artists an opportunity to showcase their talent.

She said the artist with the winning song will be awarded a recording contract with HITLAB plus a variety of prizes from other sponsors.

“We are looking for a unique song about Africa. We encourage artists to be creative and the song should be about African culture, history, language, food, attire, and so forth. The winning song will be translated into all Africa languages so that we all understand it. The song should speak to an African. This is a big deal that can open doors for the winner and this recording stable is for big artists like Akon. Song recording should be submitted on HITLAB website” said Sebetlela

Meanwhile, ASVG will also host the Africa Empire Warrior, which is a flagship sports entertainment show in Liberia in early 2022.

The show is a test of strength, agility, power, endurance, and ultimate fitness.

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Four contestants per African country will participate in a series of obstacles against contestants from all 54 African nations in the 12 stage competition.

The contest will have each stage represent 12 ancient African empires and what it took for an individual to qualify to be a warrior.

Some of the empires to be featured are Benin Empire, Ghana Empire, Malian empire, Songhai Empire, and Carthaginian Empire.

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