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Chillin Out Friday December 15, 2023

TYING THE KNOT: Matheke & Ogone


Yours truly is really is disturbed with the escalating indiscipline among local footballers, which appears to be out of control.

Shaya has seen some local footballers a couple of times having the time of their lives at local bars while on camp or soon after their games.

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Last weekend, Shaya witnessed two local top players, whom he cannot name for legal reasons, fighting at one of the prominent local spots, in AreaL, Francistown, straight after their weekend game.

It’s heartbreaking to see such great players waste their time with pointless fights and reckless living.

Shaya advises players to be patient and wait until they are freed from camp before going out and having fun, but without engaging in violence or indiscipline in their fun.


Meanwhile, Gaborone United Player Mothusi Cooper is reported to have ended up on the wrong side of the law.

He was allegedly arrested by Broadhurst Police for drunken driving, during last week’s heatwave.

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Chillin Out Friday December 15, 2023

Perhaps the chap was just trying to cool himself and ultimately downed one too many?

Well, the boys in blue didn’t hesitate to nab him, despite his celebrity status, catching the attention of a few passerbys who made sure to snap a few.


Shaya would like to congratulate, gospel artist, Matheke Leteane on his big move.

The controversial artist and pastor tied the knot to his sweetheart, Ogone.

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Although, Shaya failed to be part of the event that was held in Otse, the couple got the blessings.


Exzozo Entertainment is back with his festival which brings together Pretty Young Things as well as good music.

Interestingly, this year, Exotic seems to have received the endorsement of some fat-pocketed beings, and by that Shaya is referring to the BDP.

Chillin Out Friday December 15, 2023

With only a BDP Membership card, revellers can attend the festival free of charge!

Of late, the rumour mill has been abuzz with claims that some councillors and MPs are funding some festivals and events as a way to make side cash, and also as a campaign strategy.

Shaya wonders what the deal here is.

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She definitely has the body, however, Girly wa Di Body, has zero DJing Skills it seems!

She definitely brought shame and embarrassment to the growing community of female DJs who are already struggling to get recognition and bookings.

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Chillin Out Friday December 15, 2023

Shaya got second hand embarrassment watching a trending video of Girly butchering Harry Cane’s Dubula by mixing it with her own song which was a complete disaster.

She may have laughed it off, but she now has people questioning not only her craft, but that of other female DJs.

She certainly won’t be booked to Shaya’s end of year function, at least not to DJ.


Speaking of invites, it seems Shaya’s invitation to the Kusi Ideas Festival got lost in the mail, but bless the inventor of livestream because Yours Truly caught up on the action.

By action, Yours Truly means a sound mishap which had two girls airing their dirty linens over a live PA system during the event.

The insults and confessions had everyone in total shock.

Shaya’s heart goes out to them because obviously for such a huge event, there will be severe consequences.

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