All hail the kaizer

Daniel Chida
WESTERN WARRIOR: Reuben Wame Kaizer

Although the writ of election is yet to be released for parties’ primaries, for the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) in Selibe Phikwe West, a clear leader is emerging from the pack: Reuben Wame Kaizer.

Since 2014, the constituency has remained in the iron grip of former BCP favourite, Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Dithapelo Keorapetse.

It seems the lime boys believe Kaizer, who until recently has very much gone under the radar, is the man to bring it back home.

The Voice’s DANIEL CHIDA caught up with the 35-year-old businessman-cum-politician determined to change the political landscape in the ghost town…

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  • Only a few people in the political arena know of you, why are you showing up now?

I have been active in politics for more than eight years and those who know me are aware that I am not new to politics as some people think.

I have been doing a lot behind the scenes and within the BCP. I preferred it that way. There is a lot one can do for politics without necessarily being in the forefront.

  • What type of politician are you?

I am a man with the best interest of the masses at heart. I believe the world needs politicians who place humanity and selflessness before anything else.

  • You have been touted as the BCP’s preferred choice to take on Keorapetse. Share with us what’s going on?

I have always entertained the idea of serving our beautiful town at a higher level than where I am now. When I actively got involved in politics, that’s when people started with all those rumours that I have come to challenge him but that wasn’t the case, I was just doing what I have been doing for about five years.

  • But do you intend to contest against Keorapetse should the BCP and Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) coalition collapse?

I am a card-carrying member of the BCP. I believe if the people of Selebi Phikwe see me as someone who can lead our town then I would take it. And again, if I decide to contest, there is no problem since I will be exercising my right as a member of the BCP. I will not be challenging anyone.

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  • What kind of relationship do you have with Keorapetse?

We were together at BCP and we do not have anything against each other; we just differ on ideology.

  • Are you confident Phikwe will remain lime?

Looking at the history and unfolding of events in the recent future, I will say yes, the BCP will retain the two constituencies and may even go to the extent of winning the whole region. Remember, it is only Mmadinare that we lost to the BDP.

  • And on a personal note, how do you fancy your own chances?

It’s up to the people of Selebi Phikwe, should they see me as someone who can lead the town in the political field. But for now I’m just enjoying my work as I have always done in the past 10 years.

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  • What do you have for the people of Phikwe?

I am doing philanthropic work, touching people’s health and wellbeing, taking care of the needy and the elderly, helping the youth of Phikwe with business workshops. I held one last year with another billed for this year.

I empower hawkers as well as helping with provision of medicine and medical equipment which the country is failing to do.

  • The Delimitation Report is out. What’s your take on it?

A few surprises, especially for the Okavango and Ngami Region, I hope it works for the BCP. We will have time to analyse it as it was only made public yesterday [Tuesday] and I have not had the opportunity to go through it. We now have to come up with the best approach looking at the allocation.

All hail the kaizer
BCP STALWART: Reuben Wame Kaizer


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