A tale of political supporters

Sinqobile Tessa

Politics is big in Zimbabwe and sometimes it’s hard to turn a blind eye on the subject, which is exactly what happened this week.

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I looked everywhere hoping to find something to write about other than politics but all I could see was Zanu PF this, CCC (Citizens for Change Coalition) that, as the two parties continue to roll out their campaign rallies ahead of March 26th by-elections.

Sunday, however, proved to be an interesting day as the police, obviously under the instruction of the ruling party, barred the CCC rally which was to be held in Marondera, 60km east of Harare.

Riot police were deployed in numbers at the stadium where the rally was to be held, blocking the entrance, much to the annoyance of the party supporters who had turned up.

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This, however, did not stop the party president, Nelson Chamisa, from addressing the large crowd which opted to gather outside the stadium.

What also became newsworthy was how the supporters, especially women, confronted the police officers about their act of shamelessly blocking the rally yet they themselves ‘were penniless, poor and silently hoping for change’, as one woman said.

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One of the women actually lay down in front of the officers as if to dare them from laying their baton sticks on her.

GRIM- FACE: A Zanu-PF supporter

And still on supporters, my attention and interest was also drawn to how someone compared the facial expressions of supporters at their respective rallies.

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What should be noted is that Zanu PF is known for busing people while in some instances they have been accused of forcing people to attend. School children, even those at primary school, also attend the rallies, seemingly to beef up numbers.

As recent as last week, pupils were captured on camera in one of the rallies clad in Zanu PF regalia; that has never happened in opposition rallies.

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Anyway, back to the issue of facial expressions, CCC supporters are always captured in a jovial mood and full of life, maybe it’s because most would have ‘willingly’ attended the rallies.

On the other hand, ruling party supporters seem to be a sad lot with no smiles on their faces, only dejection as if to say that they are not interested in being at the rally.

Of course, it’s a subject for debate but for one reason or the other, that’s how supporters of these parties have been captured at numerous rallies.

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