A modern Maun

NWDC CHAIRPERSON: Kebareeditse Ntsogotlho
Tourist town set for free Internet

Free WIFI for an hour a day will soon be whizzing its way into Maun.

The tourist town has been identified as a pilot area for a village free Internet connectivity project, which is part of government’s Smart Botswana initiative.

Addressing a full council meeting in Maun on Monday, North West District Council (NWDC) Chairperson, Kebareeditse Ntsogotlho revealed they have already partnered with BOFINET to provide free internet hotspots in five public spaces around the village.

According to Ntsogotlho, the council will pay out P2, 000 per hotspot every month for the next five years.

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“The development means the public will be able to access free Internet for an hour from these hotspots,” he reiterated.

The five hotspots are: Maun Post Office, Maun International Airport, Maun New Mall by both Choppies and Spar supermarkets and finally Letsholathebe Memorial Hospital.

“I appeal to members of the public to utilise these services wisely as they can aid our efforts towards the fourth industrial revolution,” outlined Ntsogotlho.

Smart Botswana is a transformative scheme aimed at creating a smart, sustainable and prosperous society in the country.

“I urge all citizens of the district to position themselves for the project and enjoy the accrued benefits which include: cost saving for the government, access to e-services as well as building resilience during this trying time of Covid-19 and beyond,” highlighted Ntsogotlho.

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Updating the council on the progress Ngamiland has made in regard to the Smart Botswana initiative, the Chairman stated, “We are forging ahead on the lead for the fourth industrial revolution as a number of key information and communication technology projects are being undertaken across the District.

“The village connectivity project goal of ‘Connect a village – connect a facility’ will see expansion of 4G network coverage across the District. This will be followed by installation of high speed WIFI connectivity in public facilities such as clinics, primary schools and dikgotla.”

In the end, the council aim to have 45 connective hotspots up-and-running in Maun as well as 34 in various villages across the district.

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Ntsogotlho proudly noted this is in keeping with government’s effort to provide universal Internet access for all.

“Connectivity will be free for members of the public. As I am addressing you today, contractors are on the ground installing the necessary infrastructure to enable the project to be launched,” he concluded brightly.

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