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Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

The capital city is bracing itself for the first annual Gaborone International Whiskey Tasting Festival (GIWTF), scheduled for November 24 .

The not-to-be-missed first of its kind event, which will be held at Game City roof top, will be a celebration of premium whiskies and spirits in general.

Speaking at a press briefing recently, event organisers revealed over 60 types of whiskey would be available for tasting on the day.

“The Festival brings the first whiskey tasting event to Botswana that puts many types of whiskies in front of consumers, media and trade.

“The Whiskey Tasting Festival will foster a broader and deeper appreciation of whiskey and its complexities by connecting consumers and brands through curated experiences.”

One of the organisers, Thobo Koontse, told Voice Entertainment, “The event offers whiskey enthusiasts from connoisseur to novice an opportunity to learn and explore a variety of whiskeys in one night. It will also give consumers a range of different styles and personalities of whiskey.

“For our first installment we will not have a whiskey expert or master. However, the intention is to introduce a master as the event continues to grow on an annual basis. Consumers will have the liberty to choose and taste what is appealing to them.”

A ticket to the event sells for P500, which includes tasting coupons.