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COLOURFUL: Leteisi on Fleek festival
Ghetto up next for impressive music fest

The Setswana couture German print, otherwise known as ‘Leteisi’ is beautifully crafted, okay as a proud Motswana I may be a little biased, but judging by the successful show over the weekend I’m not alone in these sentiments.

The annual musical experience, ‘Leteisi attire on fleek’ hosted its first event since the Covid-19 outbreak at Tashy’s Royal Gardens this past Saturday.

'Leteisi on fleek' leaves its mark
MAGNIFICIENT: Different types of traditional attires

Whilst the main attraction of the day was to come from South African powerhouses, Simmy and Aubrey Qwana, for once it was not the music that captured my attention.

Both the young and old thronged the luscious green gardens and true to the theme, patrons donned all kinds of exquisite Leteisi bursting with colour and style.

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By 6pm the venue was almost packed to the brim, not even the windy weather and gathering storm clouds could dampen the fun.

Whilst they were a few who rocked the Afrocentric style, it was the blue and white of BW that dominated the lense.

In different styles and garments, as patrons, mostly women, posed for pictures, I could not help but marvel at how the organisers were able to infuse modern night life apparel with the Setswana couture.

'Leteisi on fleek' leaves its mark
NICE DESIGNS: Revellers at Leteisi on fleek

By the time local performer, Dr Vom hit the stage, obviously with his song that deserves national recognition, ‘Tsaya Thobane’, everyone was on their feet. The performers exchanged the stage one by one, from Mpho Sebina, Sereetsi and his Natives, Simmy, Nono Siile amongst others to mark the end of a well-executed event.

We had been locked away for so long because of the pandemic that it was a nice feeling to finally have some musical fun.

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The event is now headed for Francistown on 11 December at Molapo Leisure Gardens and will feature performances from South Africa’s Big Zulu, Black Diamond, Ami Faku, and Mthunzi as well as local deejays.

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