Young and gifted

Portia Mlilo


As part of their school project, two young women have embarked on a campaign to give back to their community.

16 –year old Bone Keitseope from Westwood and 15- year old Aisha Beata Kasale from Rainbow School visited St Joseph’s Primary School last week Friday to motivate students and give away sanitary hampers to standard six schoolgirls.

In her address to the young learners, Beata Kasale talked about how she considered herself a feminist because of her firm belief in equality for both men and women.

She went on to urge her peers not to let their past, mistakes and surroundings determine how far they can rise in life.
Don’t play the blame game, Kasale advised.

“I would blame my failure on my unstable household, blame my bad grades on my parents instead of my own laziness and blame all the bad things that happened to me on other people instead of accepting responsibility,” she said.

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The teenager however went on to highlight how High school became a reality check for her.

“I was not used to writing notes and teachers ignoring me when I cried for help. I was not used to seeing myself at the bottom of results rankings. After getting bad results I realised that it was me who decided to walk into the exam room blank so I started working hard and my Ds turned into As and A*,” said Kasale.


For her part, Keitseope said she had to do the motivational talk to achieve a goal called Creativity Service and Action in order to help guide and support others.

“We are here to fulfill the service part and we will be giving standard six students sanitary hampers. We give what is needed the most. Words of encouragement on their own are not enough; they need to be accompanied by action. One of my favourite and memorable scripture that I recall is in the book of James Chapter 2 verse 14-17.” Keitseope said.

In conclusion Keitseope encouraged the students to love one another and to spread the love to the wider community, to their neighbours and to their friends.

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