Wife withdraws threat to kill charges

Cathrine Moemedi
ACCUSED: Buddha Moabi

A woman who recently filed a threat to kill case against her husband this week ran into trouble trying to drop the charges

Patience Moabi made headlines in January when details of her case indicated that her husband wanted to kill her for withholding sex.

This week Patience told the court that she had decided to withdraw the case but prosecution stated that the matter was to be forwarded to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP)for rview first because it was no longer easy to drop criminal cases.

When briefing Maun magistrate court on Monday, Prosecutor Setsile Tshukudu confirmed that,” The complainant has filed an affidavit applying to withdraw the matter and we are currently waiting for a letter of consent from the DPP.”

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Carlos Diwungu also from the DPP emphasised that it was not easy to withdraw serious matters like threat to kill anymore.

“Cases cannot be withdrawn when and if the complainant wishes, we have to wait for a response from the director,” Diwungu explained in an interview.

He further stated that the withdrawal application can be approved or rejected but in the meantime they will have to proceed with the matter.

“The case belongs to the state and the complainant is just a state witness. She has no control on the matter now.”

The 40- year old acuused husband, Buddha Moabi appeared before Magistrate Gaone Bagopi on Moday.

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A source close to the couple has indicated that the wife wants to drop charges because they are currently in the divorce process and she feels that the threat to kill matter would only place an extra burden on the already troubled family.

Moabi is set to appear again on March 24th for status update.

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