Why sabotage the kwasa king?


Shaya has been following events in the music industry with keen interest, especially the Soul Fill Up festival.

With the King of Kwasa Kwasa, Franco having managed to hype his upcoming show, it seems a number of artists are trying to ruin the initiative.

Firstly it was Kast, who later complained he was misquoted.

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Then it was the turn of the fading Mingo, who eventually apologised.

Now Vee has joined the fray.

Why sabotage the kwasa king?
Vee Mampeezy

The pint sized Kwaito Kwasa star posted on social media that he would only take part in the show if Kast is included in the line-up.

Although he tried to rectify things saying Franco was his brother, the damage had already been done.

Shaya advises these artists to fight for limelight by rallying behind Franco instead of trying to sabotage him because Batswana are cruel.

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