Wedding bells for Jojo

Councillor, Modiri Jojo Lucas

It appears specially elected Councillor, Modiri Jojo Lucas’s days as a bachelor are numbered.

Yours Truly is reliably informed that the politician, who lost Francistown South constituency to Wynter Mmolotsi by a landslide margin in 2019, will march down the aisle very soon.

While Shaya is yet to establish the identity of the lucky damsel, a fly on the wall says the two have been going steady for some time.

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According to the source, BDP big wigs are going to attend the wedding of the man they hope will oust Mmolotsi in 2024 general elections.

Congratulations Jojo, kindly drop Shaya’s invitation, it’s been too long since I had pounded beef, chicken, goat and mutton all on the same plate.

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