VP seat not guaranteed- Masisi

Daniel Chida
SEEKING VOTES: Masisi and Tsogwane

Vice President, Slumber Tsogwane is not guaranteed that he will occupy his seat again after elections.

When addressing Botswana Democratic Party (BDP’) elders at Lady Khama Hall in Serowe today, President Mokgweetsi Masisi said he has not promised anyone any position.

“As we go to elections, Tsogwane is not sure if he will be Vice President post elections. I have not promised anyone any position. What Tsogwane is fighting for is to become a Member of Parliament not vice President,” he said.

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He added that those going around telling people that he has promised them parliamentary or council positions are deceiving people.”I want to make it clear to everyone here and beyond, those who claim that I have promised them Parliamentary, or council positions are misleading you.”

Masisi pleased with the elders to vote for him so that he can complete his 10-year term just like those who came before him. “By voting for me you have to vote for those contesting under BDP ticket either at council or Parliamentary level. Be my campaign team and go everywhere in Ngwato area including cattle posts, bus ranks, combies and ask people to vote for us.” He said that once voted he will do even better than he is doing. “If re-elected, I promise to exceed my current efforts and lead our country to even greater heights.”

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