Victim of Sefhare mob justice speaks out

Christinah Motlhabane
Torched house in Sefhare

“lost my house and everything inside to the fires, everything in the bedroom and kitchen was gutted by fire, but what else can I do, I leave it to God and I am glad my tenants were not home or it could have been worse,” said the Sefhare man whose house was torched by protestors during the riots last week.

55-year-old Diphimotswe’s Nthobatsang lost his beautiful house at Seruleng ward in Sefhare last week Tuesday.

This was after the ghastly incident that shook residents to the core, the death of Leabaneng Mbaiwa who was stoned to death.

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The police and relatives findings are that she was killed by her boyfriend who then committed suicide the following day at Majwaneng village.

However, some of the residents suspected that the woman was murdered by Nthobatsang’s tenant and his friends thus they resorted to crime: torching the house one of them was renting.

“What pained me most is that, they had only been my tenants for a week before all that happened. I lost couches, stove, clothes, fridge, kitchen unit and everything inside.”

“I was at my mother’s yard where I am staying, got a shock of my life when people called me saying my house was on fire. I could not believe my ears, was left shaken. I then visited the house hours after it was burnt. The wall was cracked, roof fallen, smoke was coming out of the windows and the smell of the planks hit me,” continued Nthobatsang.

For his part, France Kesebonye 38, who was renting the place, indicated that he lost his church clothes and his traditional medicines which he was using to help people with as he is a prophet.

Mosimanegape Pigelo also lost his clothes to the fire as he was at France’s house that week.

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Whimpering in pain last week as he suffered the beatings from the residents the barely audible Kesebonye said his eyes and legs were painful.

Speaking in an interview with on Wednesday, Police said their investigations are on-going and that the suspected arsonists will be arraigned before court soon.

“For now I cannot state how many we have arrested as the investigations are still fresh. What I can confirm is that calm has been restored in the village even at the funeral everything went well,” said Machaneng Station Commander Superintendent Gagopale Gaselarona.

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