Undone by the booze


Unable to resist spending his loot, immediately after breaking into a house and stealing close to P10, 000, a thirsty burglar headed straight to the bar for a well earned drink.

Unfortunately for Chipanzi Santhuma, he overindulged at the bar and was busted with a drink in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth.

By that time, he had already splashed out P200 on booze and tobacco!

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Charged with burglary and stealing from a dwelling house, the 30-year-old appeared before Molepolole Magistrates Court this week, where he promptly pleaded guilty to both counts.

It was heard that on the night of 16 July, Santhuma snuck into the rented house of local businessman, Montshwari Basimolodi, in the Kweneg West village of Diphuduhuhu, gaining entry through the unlocked back door.

Inside he hit the jackpot, finding P9, 490 hidden in a wardrobe.

Stuffing his pickets full of cash, Santhuma exited the premises, seemingly intent on drinking the night away.

However, returning home, Basimolodi quickly realised there had been a break-in and discovered his money was missing.

He summoned his neighbours, and together they followed the intruder’s footprints, which led to a nearby bar.

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The police were called but, despite his intoxicated state, Santhuma managed to evade arrest, fleeing into the night.

His escape did not last long, the cops catching up with him later in the night, finding the stolen money safely stored away in his trouser pocket.

Keen not to waste the court’s time, the thief confessed to the crime.

His rewarded for his honesty with temporary freedom, bailed until 12 October, when he returns to court for facts presentation.

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