Turning sorrow into songs

Kitso Ramono
SONGSTRESS: Abigail Moikisa

A trauma survivor who heals through music

When the Department of Broadcasting Services (DBS) launched the Road Show, a government initiative to discover potential superstars in 2022, it received mixed reviews from members of the public, and within the entertainment industry.

A section of the public felt that government was investing a lot of money on a programme that’d unlikely make any positive impact.

However, a little over two years since its official launch the DBS Road Show continues to unearth exciting talent from the four corners of the country.

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One such sparkling diamond is 28-year old Abigail Moikisa, who made it to the Top Five finalists.

A survivor of Gender Based Violence (GBV), this Selebi Phikwe native has a gift to heal broken souls and put a cheer on sad faces through his angelic voice.

Now battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after escaping with her life from an abusive partner, Moikisa has found her true calling, and has over the years turned her sorrow in to songs that have won many hearts in during DBS Road Show journey.

Before fleeing the city in fear of her boyfriend Moikisa was a budding young talent performing in hotels and restaurants, and was even linked to major recording companies such as BangGae.

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For the time she had sought refuge from her parents back in Phikwe, Moikisa thought all her hard work had come to naught.

“I had lost all hope when a stumbled upon the DBS Road Show advert on social media. I immediately signed up, and had no idea that the show would elevate my life the way it has so far,” Moikisa said, her face lighting up with joy.

Abigail is one of the lucky 10 contestants selected from the Selebi Phikwe District.

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Through her melodious voice ‘Isa’ as she’s called by her peers rose through the competition, beating other 40 contestants to reach the top five finalists.

The talented vocalist completed grueling stages in which they were tasked with creating songs in a day.

She impressed adjudicators with her teamwork abilities.

Her song Late Nights, has made the brilliant singer one of the favorites to win the competition.

“Late Nights is a song that talks about uncomfortable feelings and emotions, and also about loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. It’s a reflection of what I went through,” she told The Voice.

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