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BOMU’s P3 million budget

Leungo Mokgwathi

Modibe promises to deliver a grand spectacle

Seabelo Modibe must be doing something right, because his company, Total Music Group has once again been engaged on a five- year contract to organise the Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) Awards.

The 12th BOMU Awards are only a week away and last Friday, Modibe promised to deliver a grand spectacle, which is to be expected, considering the P3 million sponsorship for this year’s edition.

When questioned during a media engagement session, Modibe disclosed that he had been entrusted with leading the team organising the awards ceremony which honour outstanding achievements in the music industry.

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According to him, P 3 million a drop in the ocean considering the P 7 million needed to host awards of such prestigiousness, however, with the “little” he has in hand, he promised to deliver beyond expectation.

Modibe further unveiled his five-year plan, which is as golden as the Grammy Gramophone. As a matter of fact, his target is to take the BOMUs to Grammy Status by studying their strategy and adopting some initiatives.

“The theme this year is ‘Music Beyond’ and its meant to stress that the BOMU Awards are superior and on a much higher level compared to other awards,” he said.

“We are going to develop a number of concepts linked to the awards such as Ted Talks, Training Courses, TV shows and a website just to name a few. Once we have securely built the brad, the next step will be building sponsorship ties.”

The core mandate of the BOMUs, according to Modibe, recognizes best musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, and other industry professionals for their contribution to the world of recorded music.

This year, all the nominees will be cashing out P2 500 as a reward as well as recognition for their hard work.

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In order to make it big and exciting, BOMU is working with international experts in different fields such as lighting, sound, and music directors who are expected to impart their knowledge and expertise with Batswana who will drive the BOMUs and other projects going forth, to ensure quality productions in Botswana’s creative industry.

The hosts were also recently unveiled: DJ Fresh will be the main host, riding alongside the main hostess MissGeekays and Kedi Lezozo Molosiwa as the red carpet hostess.

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