Tshabang vies for BCP SG position

Daniel Chida

I want to defend the party against adversaries and the corrupt BDP- Tshabang

Member of Parliament for Nkange, Never Tshabang made history in 2019 by snatching a constituency that has been in the hands of Botswana Democratic Party(BDP) since independence.

The former University of Botswana lecturer got his chance during the attempt having lost elections to former Police Commissioner, Edwin Batshu before.

After making it to parliament, Tshabang did not waste time and proved his mettle with the type of informed contributions he brought to the parliamentary debates.

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He is one of the few MPs that cause both sides of the political divide to shut up and listen when he takes to the floor.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA speaks to the man who says he is determined grow the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) brand.

Q. You were touring your constituency before testing positive to COVID 19, since then we haven’t heard of you, how do you interact with your people?

Covid-19 has made things difficult for us and to hold virtual meetings in a rural constituency is impossible given the low level of ICT uptake, so I have been appraising village leadership of up to 50 people per Kgotla, with the hope that they will pass the message to the wider community members.

I had to sit back a bit to recover but since then I have changed my schedule. However, some people use social media to update me, which is also good although not the best.

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Q. We see that some MPs are still struggling with technology during live parliamentary debates, how are you adapting?

It has been easy for me since I have so much experience in teleconferencing and other Internet based meetings.

I used to do research partnership and collaborators during my time as an academic at UB.

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However the only problem is network disruptions and delay caused by other members who are ICT challenged but hopefully we will all get there.

Q. Coming from a rural constituency what are the most critical issues that need to be prioritised?

Water is now a crisis in the whole constituency and some places go dry for months without a drop, however the issue will be a thing of the past since the constituency is being connected to Ntimbale Dam.

It has been a struggle to get Water Utilities Corporation to put in place short-term solutions, whilst waiting for Ntimbale connections.

There is also dire need for Tutume Sub District to be turned to a full District.

The commencement of the construction of Tutume Hospital, which was allocated money in the 2020/21 financial year budgets, should now kick off because patients who could be assisted there end up being transferred to Nyangagwe or Mahalapye.

For a long time our people have been suffering because of Wildlife.

The issue of Human-wildlife conflict should be given priority before it gets out of hand.

The other big issue is land allocation. People have been in a long waiting list for a long time.

However, all hope is not lost as there is continued follow-up on the completion of the Maitengwe Police station and Tutume- Maitengwe road resealing.

We are also fighting with wildlife department about the elephants but hopefully a solution will be found.

Q. We have been informed of your interest in contesting for BCP SG position, kindly elaborate on that.

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Yes, I am interested in the position. I have just started my campaign and hope to intensify during parliament recess.

It’s my desire to serve Botswana Congress Party at that level.

Q. What made you to take that decision?

The love I have for the party, and with my experience I think I am ready to serve, to grow and build the integrity of the organisation.

Honestly I want to defend the party against adversaries and the corrupt BDP.

I want to revive the party structures and recruit more youth into our fold.

There are many people who know nothing about politics except the bad things, so we need to change that perception and re-brand politics to be in line with today’s standards.

Q. Do you think you will make it?

The support that I have been getting from people shows that they want me so I don’t doubt anything.

The only failure would be to let them down once elected a thing I would not do.

Q. Lastly having worked with President Mokgweetsi Masisi how do you assess him?

Masisi’s government is just too much talk with little delivery. He promised so many things like electric car, fighting corruption, constitutional review but none of that is seen in the horizon.

If I was to rate him I would give him 3/10.

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