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Trouble for paleka trust

Kabelo Dipholo
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A vote of no confidence looms for the Board

A concerned group representing the villages of Pandamatenga, Lesoma, and Kazungula (PALEKA) is taking action to oust the current PALEKA Board through a motion of no confidence.

Led by interim Secretary Kabozu Kabozu, the group is dissatisfied with the board’s prolonged tenure of over seven years and its failure to organize a Special General Meeting (SGM).

The group highlights that a resolution was passed during a meeting convened by former Chobe District Commissioner Gofaone Moremi in August, mandating the holding of an AGM within three months. However, Kabozu notes that the stipulated timeframe has elapsed with no progress.

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Expressing frustration, Kabozu emphasizes that key individuals involved in the matter, including the District Commissioner and wildlife officers, have been transferred, leading to perceived technical delays.

In a meeting with the District Commissioner and village leadership, the concerned group conveyed their displeasure, insisting on a Special General Meeting where residents can pass a motion of no confidence in the board. “We got frustrated because our inquiries have revealed that nothing so far has been done to prepare for the AGM as agreed in our last meeting. We made them aware that we now want a Special General Meeting where residents will pass a motion of no confidence on the board,” he said.

Kabozu articulates the residents’ concerns, asserting that the Trust is not delivering the expected benefits to the local communities.

According to Kabozu, the residents witness corruption and mismanagement of assets, such as abandoned vehicles. The group demands audited financial reports, information on the Trust’s assets, and details of its contracts. Kabozu emphasizes that the PALEKA Community Trust should serve the communities’ well-being, and until tangible benefits are realized, the group will pursue alternative solutions for the communities.

Kabozu says their demands reflect a commitment to transparency, accountability, and community engagement in the management of natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. “History will judge us harshly should we stay back and watch a few individuals waste our natural resources, and our children’s future,” he said.

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