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‘Trending’ mum admits her cruel ways

CAMERA SHY: Kgomotso Chaka
  • Taped forcing blind son through burglar bars

A Molepolole mother, who trended for all the wrong reasons earlier this month after she was caught on video forcing her wailing toddler through a burglar barred door, had her day in court last week.

27-year-old Kgomotso Chaka found herself public enemy number one on social media after her antics were leaked on popular Facebook page, Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler on 16 May.

Wearing a red hoody, Chaka was taped pushing her distressed two-year-old baby boy, who it has since emerged is blind, through the narrow burglar bars and into the house. While his little body wriggled in easily, his head got stuck, with his mum resorting to force to ensure he eventually passed through.

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In the video, a concerned onlooker can be overheard trying to stop Chaka, begging her, “Kgomotso ngwana ga a kake abo a tsena foo golo moo go gonnye, ngwana ga a dirwe jalo jaanong ngwana ene o tsena fa kae mo kgannyeng ya teng (Kgomotso the child cannot fit there, that thing is too small, you are not supposed to do that to the child, why are you including the child in the issue?).”

In response, Chaka insists everything is fine, saying “Get inside. He will find you with the woman she ran after, she will fit in my friend.”

It is believed she was dropping her child off at his dad’s place in Molepolole’s Goo-Thato ward, her aggression allegedly triggered when she realised the house was locked, which made her suspect the boy’s father was with another woman.

Appearing before Molepolole Magistrates Court last Thursday, Chaka was charged with subjecting a two-year-old male blind child to torture, cruel or inhuman treatment.

The prosecution pleaded for the Ga-Morwa ward resident to be remanded in custody, citing concerns for her child’s safety should she be set free.

Pleading guilty to the charge, Chaka left court hiding her face in shame as she was whisked off to jail, which, should the Magistrate decide to hand down the maximum sentence, could be her home for the next ten years.

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She is due back in court on 23 June for facts presentation.

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