`Trafficked’ GC North voters to snub elections

Daniel Chida

Over 350 people who claim Botswana Democratic Party’s Secretary General, MphoBalopi trafficked them to his constituency, Gaborone North, have vowed not to vote next week.

A representative of the group, made up of residents from New Xade, Xanahasi, Gantsi and Lobatse, maintained that during voter’s registration,Balopi’s campaign team collected their Identity Cards and made copies.

The spokesperson accused Balopi’s team of leaving for Gaborone with their IDs and registering them for elections but then failing to give them feedback on where they had been registered.

“We have been trying to reach him and his campaign team but failed as they kept on sending us from one person to the other. It is like the people who registered us are no longer working at the same constituency or they had a fallout with Balopi,” said the concerned voter, who did not want to be named for fear of being victimised.

She explained that as well as failing to find out where they have been registered, they are also worried about the logistics of getting to the capital.

“Even if we could sort out transport, some of us don’t know Gaborone or even the place where we were going to vote. So we decided not to take part at all. We were played!”

Efforts to get a comment from Balopi failed as the BDP SG ignored our calls and messages sent to him for more than a week.

Additionally, the Chairperson of Communications and International Relations Sub Committee, Kagelelo Kentse declined to comment on the matter.

“We are busy with our final campaigns and everything that has to do with voter registration was done long back,” he said.

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