Mokgabo magic

Sharon Mathala
KBL launches fashion line

In an attempt to help the creative industry get back on its feet, Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL), which itself has endured high-profile dry spells for much of Covid-19, has engaged five local creatives on its Mokgabo fashion line.

The famous five: BK Proctor, Kefilwe Wale, Rex Mabutle, Karabo Leburu and Ninie Sefhemo, have put their creative talents together – and the results are explosive!

The line includes shoes, backpacks and bucket hats and oozes an effortless ‘cool’ sure to resonate with the younger generation.

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Speaking at the launch recently, St Louis Brand Manager, Gaamangwe Ramogotlhwane was keen to explain the magic behind Mokgabo.

“Being a homegrown brand, St Louis wants to be a part of Batswana and not just from Botswana and through this we came up with a campaign dubbed ‘Mo ke Botswana’. It seeks to highlight the different elements that make up Botswana and not just the traditional elements we are known for, being diamonds and beef, other modern elements of expression,” outlined Ramogotlhwane.

Taking over the narrative, KBL Head of Legal and Corporate, Masegonayna Madisa explained they were keen to promote local talent.

“We strive to make a difference in people’s lives, which is in line with our better world strategy which seeks to contribute in one way or the other towards Batswana who buy our product. We do this by giving back and we do so in various ways and this is one of the ways we recognize individual excellence and that we have many young Batswana out there who have what it takes to compete with the outside world,” declared Madisa.

Reflecting on the journey, the five creatives revealed they travelled the length and breadth of Botswana to find out exactly what makes the country tick.

“Designing the artworks was an interesting journey for me as I learnt other things I did not even know about my country and my culture. I am happy I got the chance to showcase that through visual arts,” testified Wale.

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Speaking on the shoe line, BK Proctor said, “We went through various stages to come up with the shoe line, starting off with the sketches, to the prototype and then the manufacturing started. We had to merge the identity of the St Louis lager with our identity into one product; our brief was to create a signature shoe that resonates with St Louis and our culture.”

After the big reveal, KBL say the public response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many getting in touch to find out where they can buy the merchandise. Although the products were initially meant for a few lucky customers, based on the encouraging feedback, KBL are now considering mass production.

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