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Teen run over while sleeping on the road

Francinah Baaitse
CONFIRMING SAD NEWS: Superintendent Orateng

A 17-year-old Maun boy was tragically hit and killed in a freak road accident in Nokaneng village in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The teenager, who was awaiting his Form 5 results, was run over by a Toyota Hilux after taking an ill-advised nap on the road.

“From what was reported to the police, the boy and his 20-year-old brother and another man, were hitch-hiking to Xangwa settlement where their parents are running some businesses,” Gumare Station Commander, Chenamo Orateng told The Voice on Friday.

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There is no public transport from Nokaneng to Xangwa, located some 120 kilometres away on a dusty road.

Superintendent Orateng further noted transport to the settlement was scarce that day, as it typically is.

“Hitch-hiking on that road can take hours mainly because no public transport operates on that road. Hitchhikers often spend long hours waiting for any private vehicle that may go their route and if there are none that day, they get stranded,” he explained.

With no sign of a ride on that fateful Thursday, tired and cold, it seems the trio lost hope at around midnight, deciding to rest at the hiking stop.

“The boy is said to have chosen to sleep on the tar road as it was warmer and there was no traffic in sight,” continued Orateng.

Tragedy struck a little later, when the sleeping teen was hit by a rare passing motorist.

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Severely injured, he was rushed to Nokaneng Clinic by the driver but the doctor on duty could not save him.

Police investigations are ongoing, although Orateng confirmed no charges have been laid against the driver.

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