Stray buffalo killed and burnt in Maun

Department of Wildlife and National Parks together with the Department of Veterinary Services, this morning killed a stray buffalo near Maun Educational Park.

Although rumours are that the animal had earlier killed a cyclist in the same town, government officials said there were not aware of the alleged attack.

Principal Veterinary Officer in Maun, Dr Odireleng Thololwane, said the only reason they had to put down the animal, was so that it does not mix with cattle.

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Buffalo are known carriers of foot and mouth disease and buffalo fences have been erected to keep them from entering pastoral lands and mixing with livestock.

“Even when cattle cross into the buffalo fence, they get killed. That is how it is. It is to control animal diseases and that is why cattle and buffalo are not allowed to mix,” Thololwane explained.

Officer Commanding for police District 5, Peter Gochela, said he was not aware of a case of a cyclist attack, but rather that, “we received a report that a buffalo was spotted roaming the streets of Maun. If it had injured anyone, then the report has not yet reached us so I am not in any position to confirm or deny that.”

The incident comes just about two weeks since another buffalo was killed in Khwai in an alleged poaching incident that left North West District council chairman injured.

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