Speaker closely monitoring TK’s absence

Bame Piet

The absence of MP for Serowe West Tshekedi Khama from the National Assembly is a serious source of concern and could earn him expulsion from the House if it continues during the 2023-2024 Budget meeting.

Acting Speaker of the National Assembly Pono Moatlhodi has confirmed that Khama has so far missed the last two meetings of July-August, and the State of the Nation Address meeting that ended on December 22nd.

“The third time for me to declare somebody’s seat vacant hasn’t lapsed…..We have just begun the Budget Meeting, even if this Honourable Man that we are talking about was to attend the proceedings for one day, he would have escaped the axe,” Moatlhodi said adding that he is keeping his eye on what is happening in the House.

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However, Moatlhodi was cagey about sharing information on the return of the substantive Speaker of parliament Phandu Skelemani who has been absent from duty for health reasons since December. ” He is a family man, resting and would be back to work soon,” is all Moatlhodi could say about Skelemani.

Concerning his performance the Acting Speaker said that he will continue directing parliament proceedings without fear or favour.

“I have never heard any complaints from opposition MPs saying I have denied them an opportunity to debate or contribute in the House. The only thing I know is that I’m a book worm of the Standing Orders and we are going to stick to the Holy Bible of the Standing Orders for as long as I’m on that chair,” he said.

Moatlhodi said his impartiality can be confirmed in the fact that he has crossed roads with ruling party MPs, including the Leader of the House Vice President Slumber Tsogwane.

“The MPs know that I’m the fairest Speaker this House has ever produced,” Moatlhodi said.

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