Sour taste from ‘black coffee’ show

Daniel Chida
SUCCESSFUL SHOW: Sell out crowd

Organisers set for court battle

The bitter fallout from last month’s sweet show headlined by South African powerhouse, Black Coffee in Tlokweng looks set for court amid accusations of theft and fraud amongst the organisers.

In exclusive interviews with Voice Entertainment, South African duo, Heinsite Construction and Terris Production confirmed they were considering taking the legal route against its local partner, Sports Inc (Pty) Ltd.

Shedding some light on the behind-the-scenes set-up, Heinsite representative, Kitso Motshome revealed that after getting the rights to host the music fest, they engaged Sports Inc to run the show on their behalf.

According to Motshome, the Botswana-based business was to source for further funding and partnerships with local companies.

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“They managed to do that but what is shocking is that the funds were channelled to a Bank Account which we have no knowledge of. I take that as theft and fraud. We have a bank account that all the proceeds for the event were to go to,” complained Motshome.

He insists his remarks are not about tarnishing Sports Inc’s reputation but rather distancing himself from all the controversy that has overshadowed what was a good show.

His comments come after reports some of the acts that performed at the Kulture Festival in front a packed Royal Aria stadium on 12 November were yet to be paid.

“We do not owe anyone as far as we know it is us who are owed and we want them to account for funds that were deposited in those accounts known only by them,” Motshome said, adding he would not be put off by whispers doing the rounds that some people were going to ‘fabricate stories’ to silence him.

“I am strong and will take them head on if they dare take that route,” he warned.

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Sharing a similar tale of woe, Bhekizizwe Mkhwanazi of Terris Production said they were working on suing Sports Inc.

“The Black Coffee show was our concept here in South Africa and Motshome liked the idea and asked us to help him secure Black Coffee to perform in Botswana. I am aware of the sponsors whose funds were taken and it is not something we will let go,” promised Mkhwanazi.

Sour taste from 'black coffee' show
DJ Black Coffee

Meanwhile, Tsamao Salepito of Sports Inc refused to speak on the issue.

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“I don’t want to comment on this matter,” he told Voice Entertainment before hanging up.

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