Social media round up

Tumisang Dale Rankopo

This past week has been a roller-coaster of trending topics that set social media streets ablaze.

Everything from sexual assault controversy to cheating scandals has been wrapped into an exciting read of this week’s Social Media Round-Up.

Prince Kaybee cheating scandal

South African DJ and artist, Prince Kaybee, was a key social media talking point for all the wrong reasons this week after a side-chick leaked screenshot of their conversations as well as a nude photo of Kaybee’s manhood.

The young lady named Hazel insists she has a fling with Kaybee who is publicly dating tv presenter Zola Mhlongo.

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Fans of the couple were obviously upset. “Yes Prince Kaybee was wrong to cheat but it is also wrong to expose his private part like that,” said one comment.

Social media round up
EXPOSED: Prince Kaybee

In light of the nude photo, there were certain corners of women on social media who are now more interested in Prince Kaybee than they were previously.

“I’m sorry about what you are going through, if you need a shoulder to cry on I’m here for you,” said one of the ambitious women. Prince Kaybee has since apologized for his cheating and is taking legal action against Hazel for exposing his manhood.

Job hunting for your girlfriend

A few photos have been floating around social media of a gentleman with a placard seeking a job for his girlfriend.

The placard reads, “Looking for a job for my lady” with contact details attached.

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Many believed this to be a very romantic gesture.

Social media round up
SWEET GESTURE: Man looking for a job for his lady

“This is true love and support from your partner,” said one comment. Another slick comment said, “Brotherman, what about you. Do you have a job?” While another commenter said, “I hope she doesn’t ditch him after she gets the job.”

Only social media could turn a tender gesture into sinister drama. Nonetheless good luck to the gent and her lady.

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AKA pleads his innocence

South African rapper AKA has recently taken to social media to address the leaked photos and videos of himself and his late fiance Anele Tembe.

The footage shows the aftermath of what appears to be either a physical altercation or a mental breakdown, while some photos show elements of violence as AKA breaks down a door.

AKA released a statement saying his relationship with Anele was tumultuous and had its ups and downs like any relationship.

Social media round up

However, the evidence leaves more questions than answers as to what led to her tragic death.

One video shows AKA explaining the destroyed hotel room and maintaining his innocence as Anele cries for her deceased mother in a breakdown.

“This was a calculated move! Who takes a video recording a heartbreaking meltdown of the love of their life (in case he might have to answer in court in the future)?” questioned one commenter.

Another comment reads, “There are always 2 sides to a story. That is why I prefer hearing both parties involved say their versions in order to understand the situation. Afterward, I can make up my mind.”

There feels like a lot of hidden truths in this situation.

We will see how it develops.

Biggie Butale scandal

BPF President Biggie Butale had his extramarital affairs exposed this week after leaked audio of a conversation with a young lady floated on social media.

The audio details how the young lady felt violated by Butale’s advances and demanded an apology.

She mentioned that he pinned her against a wall and took her by surprise.

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Butale tried to deflect the violation accusation by asking whether or not she enjoyed herself in order to justify his acts.

Unfortunately for him, she did not.

Social media round up

“That recording could be the end of Butale. Then again in Botswana, you can get away with anything if you have enough power. Like a certain defilement MP,” said one comment.

“Butale was more concerned about his wife finding out than the fact that he violated a young woman. Didn’t he think about that beforehand?” asks another commenter.

While someone else says, “It only took a few rubs of the thighs for Butale to ejaculate? That can’t be my president.”

Butale’s political career looks to be pinned to the wall.

This is a very unfortunate situation and we hope the young lady gets the justice and closure she deserves.

Phakalane’s massive fire

This week also saw a huge fire break out at a Phakalane warehouse.

The warehouse was confirmed to be of MW Packaging and may have damaged the surrounding buildings.

The smoke from the fire could be seen throughout Gaborone and was the talk of the town (among other matters).

Social media round up

“With all those plastics and chemicals a fire like this wouldn’t be that surprising,” said one comment.

“Someone is going to have a field day with the insurance money,” read another comment.

To which someone replied, “If they have insurance at all. Some of these companies are cheap.”

We hope everyone involved is safe and sound.

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