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Celeb edition with Chris Pounds

Daniel Chida
DOING HIS THING: DJ Chris Pounds on the decks

When it comes to musicians from Sefhare, the first artist that automatically pops to mind is Charma Gal.

However, the village has another gem in the talented DJ Chris Pounds.

A mainstay in the industry for over 15 years, has regularly captivated crowds in the country’s biggest nightclubs, with party-lovers in Trekkers, Fresh Exclusive, Base Lounge, United Lounge and Lizard Entertainment amongst others enjoying many a memorable night thanks to his electric sets.

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How did you become a DJ?

The passion has always been there but it was in 2007/8 when I did my first club gig in Maun, thanks to DJ Big Pun and Tops Masole (MHSRIP).

What type of music do you specialise in?

I am an all rounder, I spin a lot of different genres.

But what defines me is Afro Deep.

When you’re not spinning the decks what do you get up to?

Well I have job that keeps me busy most of the time during the week, so basically I have time with my fans on weekends/holidays.

Where is your favorite holiday destination locally and internationally?

Obviously Maun, that’s a country in Botswana! Beyond borders it would be Mykonos Islands in Greece.

Celeb edition with Chris Pounds

Wow, sounds idyllic! Have you ever been booed off stage?

Should I call it being booed? It happens to almost every artist.

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People come with expectations to shows, and you can’t satisfy everyone.

Do you play your set according to a preconceived plan or crowd?

I trust my ears.

Although I have to teach people music as a DJ, I believe in shaking the dancefloor.

What has been your lowest pay check?

These other niggas don’t take DJs serious.

I am even embarrassed. The lowest payment I got was exposure, most DJs can relate!

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Charma Gal or Amantle Brown?

Tough one! Two beautiful and talented ladies… Charma is my homie, so allow me to be biased.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am a quiet guy but I laugh a lot

2. I am single

3. I have been in a couple of DJ competitions

4. I got passion for Radio/TV

5. I love soccer

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