Six months jail term for those who violate lockdown rules

Kabelo Adamson
Covid-19 operation

Members of the public face a possible six months jail term if found in violation of the Extreme Social Distancing regulations.

According to the gazetted regulations, members of the public will have to remain confined to their places of residence during the period of lockdown which began last night.

However, should there be need for one to seek essential supplies or services, one would need to fill out a form and produce it to a law enforcement officer upon request to validate where the person is going.

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In addition to a six month possible jail term, those found in violation of the lockdown terms can be fined an amount of P5 000 or both.

According to the lockdown regulations, person may leave his or her place of residence between the hours of 0800 hours and 2000 hours to access essential supplies such as funeral parlour, general dealer, supermarket, filling Station, bank or insurance company, among others.

However, one would need to fill the required form in order to legitimate their presence outside duirng a period of lockdown which will run for 28 days.

The forms are available on the government social media page as well at District Commissioners’ offices county wide.

Meanwhile members of the public have aired their frustrations regarding the whole process of obtaining the forms as they were made available just hours before the lockdown period began.
The form, known as Form A, will be used by any member of the public who wish to seek any essential service or supplies and does not require any official stamo, as long as it indicates one of the essentials as written in the Government Extraordinary Gazette.

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